CAO cigars are wildly inventive and constantly push the boundaries of what’s considered “standard” in the industry. With an extensive portfolio of 90+ rated blends, they’re the contender that older, more traditional brands should keep an eye on. These cigars are ideal for the future-minded customer who wants a great quality cigar that’s anything but run-of-the-mill. Plus, with roots in the pipe industry, they have the history and experience to back up their reputation.

Cigars (22)

CAO America Cigars
CAO America3 OptionsOnly $149.80-$173.80 
CAO Black Cigars
CAO Black5 OptionsOnly $120.00-$160.00 
CAO Brazilia Cigars
CAO Brazilia7 OptionsOnly $87.45-$173.80 
CAO Brazilia Amazon Anaconda Cigars
CAO Brazilia Amazon Anaconda1 OptionOnly $209.80 
CAO Brazilia Amazon Basin Cigars
CAO Brazilia Amazon Basin1 OptionOnly $188.82 
CAO Brazilia Fuma em Corda Cigars
CAO Brazilia Fuma em Corda1 OptionOnly $210.00 
CAO Colombia Cigars
CAO Colombia4 OptionsOnly $139.80-$173.80 
CAO Consigliere Cigars
CAO Consigliere3 OptionsOnly $155.80-$195.80 
CAO Extreme Cigars
CAO Extreme7 OptionsOnly $44.78-$182.80 
CAO Flathead Cigars
CAO Flathead5 OptionsOnly $155.80-$263.76 
CAO Flathead Gearbox Cigars
CAO Flathead Gearbox1 OptionOnly $89.90 
CAO Flathead Steel Horse Cigars
CAO Flathead Steel Horse4 OptionsOnly $134.82-$197.82 
CAO Flavours Cigars
CAO Flavours26 OptionsOnly $31.14-$189.90 
CAO Gold Cigars
CAO Gold9 OptionsOnly $83.90-$169.80 
CAO Gold Maduro Cigars
CAO Gold Maduro4 OptionsOnly $147.80-$173.80 
CAO Italia Cigars
CAO Italia3 OptionsOnly $147.80-$173.80 
CAO La Traviata Cigars
CAO La Traviata4 OptionsOnly $138.96-$162.96 
CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon Cigars
CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon4 OptionsOnly $157.80-$173.80 
CAO L'Anniversaire Maduro Cigars
CAO L'Anniversaire Maduro3 OptionsOnly $153.80-$161.80 
CAO Mx2 Cigars
CAO Mx26 OptionsOnly $163.90-$193.80 
CAO OSA Sol Cigars
CAO OSA Sol1 OptionOnly $207.25 
CAO Pilon Cigars
CAO Pilon5 OptionsOnly $137.80-$171.80 

Cigar Samplers (5)

CAO Champions Sampler II Cigar Samplers
CAO Champions Sampler II1 OptionOnly $92.99 
CAO Dream Team Sampler Cigar Samplers
CAO Dream Team Sampler1 OptionOnly $72.54 
CAO Flavours Sampler Box Cigar Samplers
CAO Flavours Sampler Box1 OptionOnly $30.99 
CAO Originals 5-Cigar Sampler Volume 1
CAO Originals 5-Cigar Sampler Volume 11 OptionOnly $34.01 
CAO Originals 5-Cigar Sampler Volume 2
CAO Originals 5-Cigar Sampler Volume 21 OptionOnly $34.30 

Pipe Tobacco (5)

CAO Bella Vanilla Pipe Tobacco
CAO Bella Vanilla Pipe Tobacco1 OptionOnly $12.35 
CAO Black Pipe Tobacco
CAO Black Pipe Tobacco1 OptionOnly $11.30 
CAO Cherrybomb Pipe Tobacco
CAO Cherrybomb Pipe Tobacco1 OptionOnly $12.35 
CAO Eileen's Dream Pipe Tobacco
CAO Eileen's Dream Pipe Tobacco1 OptionOnly $12.35 
CAO Moontrance Pipe Tobacco
CAO Moontrance Pipe Tobacco1 OptionOnly $12.35 

Lighters (2)

CAO Steelhorse Table Lighter
CAO Steelhorse Table Lighter1 OptionOnly $100.00 
CAO X1 Side Squeeze by Xikar Lighters
CAO X1 Side Squeeze by Xikar1 OptionOnly $40.00 

Ashtrays (1)

CAO Flathead Metal Ashtray
CAO Flathead Metal Ashtray1 OptionOnly $100.00 

Pipe Tobacco Samplers (1)

CAO Pipe Tobacco Sampler
CAO Pipe Tobacco Sampler1 OptionOnly $45.20