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Estilo Cafe Mocha Foil (Cigarillos) (3.5"x45)
Pack of 30 In Stock
Anisette Cigarillos (4.5"x34)
Box of 50 In Stock $60.00
Anisette Cigarillos (4.5"x34)
Pack of 30 In Stock $44.40
Cordial Cigarillos (4.5"x34)
Pack of 50 In Stock $60.00
Licorice Cigarillos (4.5"x34)
Pack of 50 In Stock $60.00

Avanti Cigarillos are free-rolled, no press cigars set out to be the best at the best affordable prices. Avanti Cigarillos are made with 100% Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos and are full of flavor smoked with Hickory logs. Available in a variety of different finishes including Anisette, Licorice, and Cordial, Avanti Cigarillos are a great short cigar. 

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