CAO Amazon Trifecta New

Includes 1 box of each CAO Amazon Basin, Amazon Anaconda, and Fuma Em Corda!!!
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58 Cigars + Cigar Accessory Sampler In Stock $676.30
World Class Lighter & Cutter Combo  Cigar Accessory Sampler Deal

CAO Amazon Trifecta Freebie

Every one of the limited edition blends to come out of the CAO Brazilia line have been absolute home runs. That’s why our purchasing department worked their fingers to the bone to secure a hefty supply of CAO Amazon Basin, Amazon Anaconda, and Fuma em Corda. All three stuffed to the gills with only the finest, most exotic tobaccos from across the globe, the hype is completely justified. Now, three of the hottest-selling CAO blends are front and center, and come with a FREE World Class Light & Cutter Combo ($90 value) when you purchase all three together!

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