Cohiba Comador

This item is no longer available for purchase.

If you’re not into cigars, chances are you have still heard about the Cohiba brand. If you’re not into the hip-hop scene, there’s still a good chance you know about JAY Z. So when you combine both of these names, you know you have a brand that’ll strike a nerve with all of your customers. And while some may view this as a gimmick, neither of these brands would risk something tainting their image. This is a fantastic cigar and one that you're customers will instantly recognize. The only problem? This beauty was only a limited release and we have the last remaining inventory with prices well below the normal wholesale. So here’s your chance to earn up to 54% margins on one of the most sought after releases of the last year.

Currently, our last shipment is still in transit so we'll have a big order hitting our docks soon.

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