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Lane Dark Red
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The Cherry's On Top


I haven’t tried too many cherry flavored pipe tobaccos in the past, because I was told that it smells better than it tastes and to expect a slight tongue bite. But after all the positive reviews I’ve received from my customers over the years, I thought it was high-time I gave one a try. The test subject I chose was Lane Dark Red. I let it dry for a couple days before smoking in an attempt to avoid the aforementioned tongue bite, and that seemed to work perfectly.

Between the bold cherry and the sweet vanilla flavors, this is one of the top tobaccos I’ve tried as of late. As always, I’m looking to keep my sweet tooth happy, and this blend does a nice job while leaving my house smelling like desert was baking. I enjoyed it with an after dinner coffee, and judging by how much of this stuff we go through, your customers will enjoy it too.