S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighter

Type Availability MSRP Price
Tiger New Shipping Constraints
Tiger In Stock $150.00
Black In Stock $150.00
Black Skulls Backordered $150.00
Brushed Chrome In Stock $150.00
Caribbean Blue Backordered $150.00
Coral Orange Backordered $150.00
Matte Black In Stock $150.00
Red In Stock $150.00
Shiny Chrome In Stock $150.00
White In Stock $150.00
White Skulls Backordered $150.00
Wild Red Backordered $150.00
Shipping Constraints:
  • Due to shipping and carrier regulations, adding this item to your order will cause your entire order to be shipped via a slower, ground method. Shipping times up to 3 weeks could occur depending on your location. This item can be shipped within the Continental US only.
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