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Villiger Mini Series

Espresso (Cigarillos) (2.8"x21)
Brick of 100 [10/10]In Stock$92.40
Sumatra (Cigarillos) (2.8"x21)
Brick of 100 [10/10]In Stock$92.40
Vanilla (Cigarillos) (2.8"x21)
Brick of 100 [10/10]In Stock$92.40

Originating in Switzerland in 1888, Villiger is known for producing high-quality machine-made cigars in the family-owned factory. Villiger Mini cigarillos are small in size, but loaded with flavor. For a quick and enjoyable on-the-go cigar, Villiger Mini Series is a great selection full of smooth and rich satisfying flavors.

Sumatra- Brazilian fillers covered in an Indonesia wrapper offers a rich and lasting flavor

Vanilla- An Ecuador wrapper and Brazil tobaccos deliver light caramel sweetness and a slight breath of rum

Espresso – Roasted coffee and caramel flavors stem from American tobaccos covered in a Ecuador Natural wrapper. 

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