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Vintage Briar Pipes - German Collection

1960s Panel Bulldog Wood Wigwam
0002 - Panel Bulldog Wood WigwamIn Stock$70.00
1960s Bent Bulldog Wood Prince
0001 - Bent Bulldog Wood PrinceOut Of Stock$90.00
1960s Bulldog Wood Superieur
0005 - Bulldog Wood SuperieurIn Stock$90.00
1970s Utor Apple
0011 Utor AppleIn Stock$90.00
1970s Utor Big Billiard
0010 - Utor Big BilliardIn Stock$90.00
Late 40s to Early 50s Dobbelmann Lincoln 25
0009 Dobbelmann Lincoln 25In Stock$90.00
1930s Hexagon Wood Horn
0003 - Hexagon Wood HornIn Stock$120.00
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