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Optimal Profits & Turns


At Meier & Dutch, our goal is far greater than being a reliable source of premium cigars, with a massive portfolio full of options and market-leading pricing and service. At Meier & Dutch, we want to be your partners, extending our industry knowledge and decades' worth of data to your store in personal consultant fashion. We realize every square inch of in-store real estate is crucial...let alone expensive. Every shelf, cabinet and counter-top must be optimized to not only maximize your return, but enhance the experience of every customer that walks through your door. Using our data, we created this category. A category filled with products proven to:

1.) Turn with our customers, year after year
2.) Enhance our customers' margin percentages and overall profit dollars
3.) Increase the consumption rate and order size of end consumers

Scour the category. You'll surely find a combination of no-brainer must-haves and surprising top-sellers. Some you already carry, others you should. Either way, this category will help you stock your shelves with ease and greater potential.

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