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Room 101 Ichiban Email Intro Deal


Matt Booth's brand new Room 101 Ichiban Series just landed and we want you to be the first store in your town to carry it. So we're giving you 10% off every size, for a limited time only.

Why does your store need Room 101 Ichiban?
1.) It's available in three blends: Connecticut, Habano and Maduro.
2.) It's packaged in economical bundles of 20, giving your customers a super approachable price point.
3.) As with all Room 101, the quality is superior, providing enthusiasts a reliable handmade they'll buy again and again.
4.) And, despite the value proposition to your customers, there's plenty of profit for you.

Today's intro deal increases those profits, bringing you margin potentials as high as 82%. That's no typo. You can earn 82% margins on Room 101.

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