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  • Hoyo de Monterrey La Amistad

    John Hoyo de Monterrey: "La Amistad"
    “Hoyo de Monterrey + AJ Fernandez = an Instant Classic!”“La Amistad”, loosely translated as “friendship”, is what you get when you combine the history & tradition of Hoyo with the masterful blending of AJ Fernandez. From the moment I picked up this cigar, I knew it would be a favorite – with this kind of pedigree, how can you go wrong? It boasts a big & bold flavor profile, loaded with a …
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  • Ave Maria Argentum

    Audra Once again, AJ Fernandez hits a home run
    Being the relative novice that I am when it comes to cigars, I must admit, I was initially intimidated by the murky appearance of this stick. I thought for sure that it would be a powerhouse cigar that I would not be able to handle.I couldn’t have been more wrong.Enter the world of ARGENTUM: Latin for “Silver”, this beauty greeted me with a flawless Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper filled …
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  • Gurkha Ancient Warrior

    Kimberly "Warning: Not your ordinary Gurkha"
    Have you ever watched your favorite movie for a second or third time, only to find things you definitely missed on the first go ‘round? That’s exactly the experience I had while revisiting an M&D Brick and Mortar Exclusive, the Gurkha Ancient Warrior. At first glance, it was clear that this cigar would be filled with deep, rich flavors. The reddish-hued Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper …
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  • CAO Brazilia

    John elegant look, top-notch quality.
    CAO Brazilia has been around a long time and is very well known amongst enthusiasts across the country. So why review something that has been on the market for years? Because I think a lot of customers take this best-seller for granted. The hearty concoction of premium aged Nicaraguan tobaccos always hits the spot with rich notes of spice, espresso, and hints of cedar. Its dark, seamless …
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  • Cuban Honeys

    Audra ...will keep your customers captivated.
    Ever since these beauties have landed on our docks, I’ve been firing up one every day. And after all this time, I still want more. That’s because they come in seven different flavors that’ll keep your customers captivated while keeping your stock flying off the shelves. Everyone loves a good flavored cigar and Cuban Honeys delivers all on all levels. Add in a the potential …
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