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  • Drew Estate Tabak Especial

    Kimberly It's Time For Coffee Talk!
    Are your customers looking for something sweet? Not over powering? A stick they can smoke in the house without the misses complaining? If so, Tabak Especial is your go to recommendation. From your first puff you’ll understand why. Jonathan Drew outdid himself with (in my opinion) the best coffee-infused cigar on the market. Rich, Estelí-grown long-filler tobaccos are infused with premium …
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  • Scotty's Honey & Chocolate

    Audra Scotty's Sweet Bulk Blend
    This is a guilty pleasure for sure. Great for an after dinner smoke, the casing sends my sweet tooth into overdrive. If you are a chocaholic this is the blend for you. As I have found with other Burley blends, letting it dry a little before smoking helps with the bite, and also makes it a better burn. The room note is very pleasing. It brings to mind a pan of brownies being baked. If you have a …
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  • Aging Room Solera Maduro

    John The Tobacco Stylings of Rafael Nodal
    Aging Room Solera Maduro is another wonderful cigar from Master Blender and maestro violinist Rafael Nodal. And much like a great symphony, it’s blended beautifully with each leaf working in harmony to create perfect balance. The blend itself features a Dominican long-filler base topped off with a San Andres Maduro wrapper that is, dare I say, perfect. It comes in at a medium to full-body …
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  • Man O' War

    Julio Man-up!
    Man O’ War, a medium to full-bodied cigar blended and hand crafted by AJ Fernandez. Natural oils, dark chocolate wrappers, and just a sweet overall taste. A long burning cigar, great to smoke after dinner and a great cigar to pair with a glass of whiskey. This superb stogie even comes in a beautifully designed, heavy box that matches the quality of the cigar. The presentation alone will have …
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  • Java Red by Drew Estate

    Kimberly Cigars; Dessert-style
    Mark Java Red as a must carry in your shop! The perfect smoke for any occasion, Java red reminds me of my favorite meal of the day, dessert! Delightfully delicious is the only way to describe it. You will taste notes of chocolate and cherry that will instantly take your taste buds on a journey to where they've never been before. Not only is Java Red flavor-packed, but it also leaves a …
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