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  • Lane Dark Red

    Audra The Cherry's On Top
    I haven’t tried too many cherry flavored pipe tobaccos in the past, because I was told that it smells better than it tastes and to expect a slight tongue bite. But after all the positive reviews I’ve received from my customers over the years, I thought it was high-time I gave one a try. The test subject I chose was Lane Dark Red. I let it dry for a couple days before smoking in an attempt to …
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  • 5 Vegas Classic

    Julio A True Classic
    To put it simply, 5 Vegas Classic (AKA the ‘Red Label’), is an impressive cigar! It was the originator of the 5 Vegas brand, and for nearly three decades is still going strong. Crafted by Nestor Plasencia, this medium-bodied concoction is very consistent all the way down to the nub. Equipped with a 90-rating, I can see why it has received such praise. It’s pretty difficult not to enjoy the 5 …
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  • Punch Diablo

    John Devilishly Good
    This yummy concoction, released at the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show, is made by AJ Fernandez in partnership with General Cigar Co. From first glance, Punch Diablo draws you in with its exquisite aesthetics. In my personal opinion, the wrapper is flawless, that’s what drew me to it right off the bat, and the unique artwork certainly didn’t hurt. Also, knowing that it is made by AJ, you know that you will …
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  • Macanudo M

    Kimberly Macanudo Gets Infused
    I think it’s obvious that I am a fan of just about anything coffee, so I had to give Macanudo ‘M’ a try! And I am glad I did. You can tell that Macanudo took their time while carefully selecting their first infused cigar. ‘M’ is perfectly constructed with an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper, Philippine Isabella binder, and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. While enjoying, the room you’re occupying will …
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  • Sutliff Chocolate Mousse

    Audra Have Dessert Anytime
    If you are looking for a pipe tobacco to relax with any time of the day, this is a perfect choice. It goes well with the morning coffee, as a relaxing afternoon snack, or an after dinner, rich cocoa treat. I didn’t feel the need to let this dry out before enjoying, and it had very little bite. I also got a bit adventurous, and mixed it with some of the other tobaccos that I have tried in the …
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