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  • Scotty's Honey & Chocolate

    Audra Scotty's Sweet Bulk Blend
    This is a guilty pleasure for sure. Great for an after dinner smoke, the casing sends my sweet tooth into overdrive. If you are a chocaholic this is the blend for you. As I have found with other Burley blends, letting it dry a little before smoking helps with the bite, and also makes it a better burn. The room note is very pleasing. It brings to mind a pan of brownies being baked. If you have a …
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  • Captain Black Royal Pipe Tobacco

    Audra A Royally Good Blend
    Being very new to pipe smoking, Captain Black Royal seemed like a good place to start. I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting their pipe smoking hobby, or if they are a seasoned smoker looking for a mellow relaxing smoke. I have a sweet tooth, so the flavor of vanilla mixed with the sweet Virginias made this a tasty treat. The aroma was inviting as well. People around me enjoyed …
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  • Ave Maria Argentum

    Audra Once again, AJ Fernandez hits a home run
    Being the relative novice that I am when it comes to cigars, I must admit, I was initially intimidated by the murky appearance of this stick. I thought for sure that it would be a powerhouse cigar that I would not be able to handle.I couldn’t have been more wrong.Enter the world of ARGENTUM: Latin for “Silver”, this beauty greeted me with a flawless Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper filled …
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  • Cuban Honeys

    Audra ...will keep your customers captivated.
    Ever since these beauties have landed on our docks, I’ve been firing up one every day. And after all this time, I still want more. That’s because they come in seven different flavors that’ll keep your customers captivated while keeping your stock flying off the shelves. Everyone loves a good flavored cigar and Cuban Honeys delivers all on all levels. Add in a the potential …
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  • Drew Estate Smoking Monk

    Audra ...will be the next big thing.
    In this business, customers are always looking for a good pairing for their cigar. And usually those pairings are either coffee or scotch. While those are excellent complements, the rise of craft beer over the last few years has left enthusiasts baffled. Typically, our hoppy suds don’t fit comfortably with a nice cigar. The folks at Drew Estate encountered the very problem themselves and …
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