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  • Sutliff Chocolate Mousse

    Audra Have Dessert Anytime
    If you are looking for a pipe tobacco to relax with any time of the day, this is a perfect choice. It goes well with the morning coffee, as a relaxing afternoon snack, or an after dinner, rich cocoa treat. I didn’t feel the need to let this dry out before enjoying, and it had very little bite. I also got a bit adventurous, and mixed it with some of the other tobaccos that I have tried in the …
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  • Stinky Stackable Ashtray

    Audra The Everyman's Ashtray
    Time to bring a little attention to the accessories. I must say I was a little skeptical of the Stinky Stackable Ashtray's durability, being made of lightweight melamine. I mean seriously, how is that going to stand up to the ever changing weather here in north-eastern Pennsylvania? Well, here are my findings. This bad boy works like a charm, and the best part, in my opinion, is its large ash …
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  • Scotty's Honey & Chocolate

    Audra Scotty's Sweet Bulk Blend
    This is a guilty pleasure for sure. Great for an after dinner smoke, the casing sends my sweet tooth into overdrive. If you are a chocaholic this is the blend for you. As I have found with other Burley blends, letting it dry a little before smoking helps with the bite, and also makes it a better burn. The room note is very pleasing. It brings to mind a pan of brownies being baked. If you have a …
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  • Captain Black Royal Pipe Tobacco

    Audra A Royally Good Blend
    Being very new to pipe smoking, Captain Black Royal seemed like a good place to start. I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting their pipe smoking hobby, or if they are a seasoned smoker looking for a mellow relaxing smoke. I have a sweet tooth, so the flavor of vanilla mixed with the sweet Virginias made this a tasty treat. The aroma was inviting as well. People around me enjoyed …
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  • Ave Maria Argentum

    Audra Once again, AJ Fernandez hits a home run
    Being the relative novice that I am when it comes to cigars, I must admit, I was initially intimidated by the murky appearance of this stick. I thought for sure that it would be a powerhouse cigar that I would not be able to handle.I couldn’t have been more wrong.Enter the world of ARGENTUM: Latin for “Silver”, this beauty greeted me with a flawless Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper filled …
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