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  • Oro Cubano Aniversario

    John A Budget-Friendly Best-Seller
    If you are looking for an incredible value in a Dominican-filled blend, you should try the Oro Cubano Aniversario. This medium-bodied mover is a flavorful and smooth cigar from the first puff to the last. Adorned with an Indonesian wrapper, Oro Cubano isn’t the most well-known cigar, but it has been selling like hot cakes under the radar for years.It comes packed in boxes of 25 with the most …
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  • Punch Diablo

    John Devilishly Good
    This yummy concoction, released at the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show, is made by AJ Fernandez in partnership with General Cigar Co. From first glance, Punch Diablo draws you in with its exquisite aesthetics. In my personal opinion, the wrapper is flawless, that’s what drew me to it right off the bat, and the unique artwork certainly didn’t hurt. Also, knowing that it is made by AJ, you know that you will …
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  • Comfortably Numb by Espinosa Vol. 1

    John Have a Cigar, You're Gonna Go Far
    Get ready, because I’m about to dive into another review on a fantastic cigar from one of my favorite manufacturers, Erik Espinosa. Comfortably Numb has been catching fire lately. The psychedelic artwork on the box is eye-catching to say the least, and that alone should draw your customers right to it. The cigar comes in just one size, a 6”x52 toro, which is presented in boxes of 20. It’s crafted …
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  • 601 Serie Steel

    John A Fistful of Steel
    Oh yes, I am smoking another full-throttle cigar. A gem of a Nicaraguan puro, the best place to grow cigar tobacco. This lovely cigar comes in 4 sizes, in 20 count boxes, and it was blended by Erik Espinosa at the La Zona Factory in Esteli Nicaragua. The initial scent before lighting it was filled with sun dried fruit and dark chocolate. Once lit, you will notice that it's smooth and complex …
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  • My Father La Opulencia

    John Don Pepin Hits the Mark Once Again
    What can I say about this cigar, with this coming from the Pepin family you already know you are getting an OUTSTANDING cigar. I smoked the Toro (6x54) the other day, and I thought the cigar had a perfect balance of strength and flavor, a good burn and a clean finish. Why should you carry it? Well, how could you not? The presentation is eye catching, they come in boxes of 20, and are available …
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