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Gurkha Ancient Warrior

Jody ...that means protected margins!
I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Meier & Dutch exclusive family, Gurkha Ancient Warrior. After smoking the Warrior, it quickly became my new favorite cigar. Very complex, with notes of nuts, vanilla, and hints of spice, this medium to full-bodied beauty hit the mark. A wonderfully filled cigar including Mexican ligero is finished off with a flawless Brazilian Arapiraca maduro wrapper, which really made this cigar sing. The brightest thing about Gurkha Ancient Warrior, is that Meier & Dutch is the only place you can get it and we designed it to be sold to Brick and Mortar stores only. If you remember our other exclusives such as the Diesel Grind and the Man O' War Dark Aged Maduro, you know that means protected margins!