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Reviews by Kimberly

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Macanudo M

Kimberly Macanudo Gets Infused

I think it’s obvious that I am a fan of just about anything coffee, so I had to give Macanudo ‘M’ a try! And I am glad I did. You can tell that Macanudo took their time while carefully selecting their first infused cigar. ‘M’ is perfectly constructed with an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper, Philippine Isabella binder, and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. While enjoying, the room you’re occupying will fill up with the most delightful aroma of sweet coffee and vanilla bean. Thinking about what to place in that empty slot on your humidor shelf? Think no further. With your first draw you’ll instantly pick up on a captivating sweet coffee note that stays present throughout the entire stick. And if other coffee infused cigars are any indicator, this release is bound to fly off the shelves.