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5 Vegas Classic

Julio A True Classic

To put it simply, 5 Vegas Classic (AKA the ‘Red Label’), is an impressive cigar! It was the originator of the 5 Vegas brand, and for nearly three decades is still going strong. Crafted by Nestor Plasencia, this medium-bodied concoction is very consistent all the way down to the nub. Equipped with a 90-rating, I can see why it has received such praise. It’s pretty difficult not to enjoy the 5 Vegas Classic line in any of the 8 sizes available. Great value and quality, yet still very affordable. A brand you should have in your shop, not because I’m telling you, but because of all the fans.

Now, let’s get to the fun part. At first, I picked it up and thought that it was well rolled, and not overly packed. My initial thought were correct, because the draw was light and fairly smooth. In the beginning there was a small amount of spiciness followed by a peppery taste. As I continued I started to get more leather, earth, nut, and even creamy nuances. 5 Vegas Classic consists of Dominican & Cuban-seed long fillers, a Nicaraguan binder, and a smooth Sumatra wrapper. Now I see why the ‘Red Label’ has gained millions of fans that have stamped it with their seal of approval. Definitely a go-to cigar with a great taste. It’s the perfect cigar to enjoy while relaxing on the porch or while you’re on the go.