Nub Dub by Oliva

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Debuting back in 2008, Oliva's Nub cigars were met with a healthy dose of skepticism, and an overwhelming sense that the line was doomed for failure. After a decade, not only is the brand surviving, but it's thriving as one of the best-selling cigars in the business. Even a successful brand like Nub has a secret left in their pocket, and that secret is Nub Dub. The underground sensation has long been sought after, but difficult to get. Fortunately for you, we just received a healthy shipment of these medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan treats! 

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NUB Herf-a-Dor  8 Count Nub Deal

Free Nub 8-Capacity Herf-a-Dor

Free, Nub 8-Capacity Herf-a-Dor, designed specifically for Nub by Oliva, with every 20+ count box purchase. A $35 value, free with every box.


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