Stanwell Amber

Billiard-Straight (107)In Stock$154.00
185 New
Apple-Bent (185)In Stock$154.00
207 New
Poker-Straight (207)In Stock$154.00
32 New
Bulldog-Straight (32)In Stock$154.00
Amber 83
Smooth Briar PipeIn Stock$154.00
Amber 95 9mm
Smooth Briar PipeIn Stock$154.00
Billiard-Straight (29)
Billiard-Straight (29)In Stock$154.00

The Stanwell Amber pipe is the newest addition to a long line of quality Stanwell pipes at affordable prices. Each pipe features a light blonde stain that shows off the beauty of the grain structure. The pipes in this line were chosen because of the high-quality of the briar. Stanwell Amber pipes are expertly fitted with durable acrylic stems that will last a lifetime. The most popular Stanwell shapes are represented within the Amber line.

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