Buy Wholesale Tobacco Online

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When you choose Meier & Dutch, you’re limiting the number of accounts that you need to open with multiple vendors. It’s much faster and easier to make one phone call and order from a huge selection of wholesale tobacco and wholesale cigars, and consolidating all your accounts into one will save you valuable time.

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At Meier & Dutch, we’re the fastest growing component of STG (Scandinavian Tobacco Group), a $1 billion dollar premium tobacco company. We may have started out small, but over the years we’ve grown into the web’s largest wholesale cigar distributor, and now we have the financial backing of one of the industry’s largest companies. Place your orders with confidence, and know that we stand behind our products and our reputation.

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When you create an account with Meier & Dutch, you’ll be assigned to an Account Manager. This industry expert will be on hand and able to answer questions and offer advice. They’ll fill you in on top sellers and hot trends, and the bonus is that they’ll be offering 100% unbiased opinions on what’s selling right now. Get real advice you can trust from highly trained tobacco experts and watch your inventory fly off the shelves.

The Largest Selection
It can’t be said enough. Here at Meier & Dutch, we have an inventory of more than 1700 cigar brands, along with pipes, tobacco, and cigar accessories including cutters, lighters, humidors, humidification devices, ashtrays, apparel, and more. We take care to stock the industry’s most popular brands of cigars, along with all of the necessary cigar accessories to keep your customers happy. You can count on finding a huge selection of popular products, all just a click away.