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Gurkha Bulk Bedlam


It has returned...
It’s been one year - a long year – since we last ran a Gurkha Bulk Bedlam. For that, we apologize. To repay you, we stocked up on Gurkha’s best and end consumers’ favorites. Gurkha Bulk Bedlam starts now. More than 35 Gurkha bulk options are available, and we've slashed your costs to bring you insane profit margins reaching 92%. Gurkha cigars sell, especially at the right price. Today's deal lets you choose from the impressive portfolio of high-end Gurkha handmades, with extremely low costs making your store a ton of profit dollars no matter what.

Stock up now and earn 70% to 92% margin on top-sellers, just in time for the Spring season. Your customers (and your bottom line) will thank you.