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Gurkha Bulk Bedlam


IT’S BACK! Finally, all of Gurkha's most popular cigars, in a bulk 5-pack format, and discounted to prices that would be impossible to get if they were to come in a box. Gurkha Bulk Bedlam is the perfect way to stock-up on all of the best cigars that Gurkha has to offer, without the hefty price tag. In attendance, you’ll encounter Gurkha royalty like Beauty, Beast, Widow Maker, Black Dragon, and so much more! With over 50 options starting at only $2.50 per cigar, this is your one-stop-shop for making your Gurkha margin sky-rocket, with potential profits of up to an insane 95%. So stop shelling out top dollar to keep your Gurkha section supplied, and get into Gurkha Bulk Bedlam.